Karla Desentis

Karla Desentis

Interdisciplinary Artist

Karla Desentis is a dancer, choreographer, designer, and musical theatre actress. One of her strongest interest is to develop herself as an interdisciplinary artist, integrating dance and design in art interventions, performances, video-dance, dance theatre and physical theatre. Whiling to do artistic work with a genuine sense of purpose; taking into account the problems of the contemporary world.

She began her career in the performing arts at the age of five and concluded her studies as a dancer after 13 years of training in classical, contemporary, jazz and folklore technique, endorsed by the Mexico City Ballet Academy. Her increasing interest in arts led her to study the career of Industrial Design at the National Autonomous University of México, focusing on set design and costumes, along with the diploma in Musical Theater at CECAAP. After finishing her studies in design, she did a Bachelor's Degree in Choreography at the National Fine Arts Institute (INBA).

In the professional field, Karla has been in numerous dance productions as a dancer, as well as a director of her own choreographic work. As a teacher she has worked for over ten years, recently she has been teaching an interdisciplinary (dance and design) workshop for the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM.

Her work has been a creditor of awards such as the Academic Merit Diploma by The Architecture Faculty of the UNAM in 2010 and the Honorable Mention in Excellence by the National Institute of Fine Arts in 2015. Within artistic residency programs, she has been benefited from the INBA Foundation for the summer program of the School of Toronto Dance Theater in 2012 and by The Banff Center for the Arts in Alberta, Canada, for the Indigenous Dance Residency program in 2016.

Currently, she is studying an M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in Interdisciplinary Arts at SFU School of Contemporary Arts.


2019 – to the date
School for the Contemporary Arts Simon Fraser University, SFU
2010 - 2014
Classic and Contemporary Dance School at the National Institute of Fine Arts, INBA
2003 – 2008
Autonomous University of México, UNAM
2004 - 2006
1990 – 2003
Mexico City Ballet Academy