The first part of this project, entitled Latente, is a six-minute video collage in landscape format, depicting twenty close-up frames of women's hands writing without ink onto a white piece of paper, leaving behind invisible marks. Each frame portrays an individual story as unique hand movements, drawings, tools, and sounds appearing one by one, joining a field of charcoal over paper marks. Along with the video-visuals appearing consecutively, the sound produced by the pencils, pens and other drawing instruments, creates a crescendo of a sonic texture´s chorus.

The intention of having diverse video frames as well as the selected materials and actions is to invite the audience to reflect on all forms of feminine violence and its huge impact.

When discussing this topic, physical assault has been overemphasized while psychological violence like sexism and misogyny are mostly ignored among research. That is why I am more interested in exploring the universality of objectification of women (which leads to other forms of aggression and violence), and the lack of visibility and understanding of this problem in a global scale.


For illustrating the second part of the project "Latente", this video presents a preview of an architectural installation comprising by papers, which built an immersive environment designed by drawings (hand-coloured black-and-white) done by women participation on their view of the many forms of female violence and its global impact.

While walking through, spatial constraints will force bodies to physically interact with the piece, where the interior walls and ceiling play with the normalized orthogonality of vertical and horizontal, as the hegemonic perceptual norms of space, forming a disruptive environment with twisted rooms and tiny corridors. Thus, provoking people to shift their physicality and probably their sensations/perceptions which ideally would be imitating the disorienting properties of the symbolic space.

In addition to the papers, the sounds of the drawings depicted from the video “Latente” will be played in some areas of the room. In this sense, the piece will challenge the passive spectator asking them to engage their senses (visual-sound-kinetic experience) and become active.

Participation will be essential, not only while walking through but to keep constructing the space. Although at the start of the project, the installation will have an initial form, the female audience/visitors will be encouraged to participate by drawing a paper and attach it to a wall or ceiling. Over the course of a week, the installation will be transformed by the repetition of papers displayed that will act as the overwhelming crescendo of the audio, representing the multiplicity of women's voices empowering themselves to make visible the normalized, and thus invisibilized, female violence.

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