When the action of a relatively small force is applied in a constant way, to a body that is capable of vibrating, it manages to make the amplitude of an oscillating system become very large, dilate.

The same principle is valid for our desires that have generated resonance in our heads: in the construction of our goals we have been applied a relatively small force that in its perseverance has grown bigger until it destroys obstacles and barriers. Thus, what began as a small desire becomes a tangible magnitude


Choreography: Karla Desentis
Music: Diego Carmona y Erick Tovar
Mapping animation: Francisco Fraga y Karla Desentis
Scenography: Karla Desentis y Ugo Henrique
Lighting: Ximena Marván
Interpreters: Sol Mora, Julio Cesar Romero, Alberto Palestina, Pharis Ramos and Alberto Sáenz