The piece explores how bodily actions influence their context and their perception of the spatial environment; in other words how people's bodily cues shape their perception and judgments of the external world as their spatial environment creating their own reflection of reality.


SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, MFA Interdisciplinary Art
Collaborative work Aakansha Gosh, Somayeh Khakshoor and Karla Desentis. 2019

Based on the work of Simone Schnall, Director of the Cambridge Body, Mind and Behaviour Laboratory and Fellow of Jesus College. By combining insights and methods from social psychology and cognitive science her research explores how thoughts and feelings interact. She aims to understand how people make judgments and decisions about other people, and about physical properties of the world. For example, Schnall's research has examined the role of bodily influences in the context of, first, moral judgments and behaviours, and second, perceptions of the spatial environment

In the installation, the audience is invited to interact with water, to find the reflection of the ‘self’ and explore how each individual's bodily actions influence their contextual reality (water, shape, light) and how their behavior impacts the spatial environment.

Thus, the environment mirrors the subject’s ’self’, emphasizing that what one person perceives as objective reality may, in fact, be entirely colored by how the individual relates to their environment.

How you relate to the environment around you is a function of how you can act in that environment.